The Island man is the man who deems himself self sufficient.

He always thinks others cannot be of any substantial aid to him.

Life is the best friend of the Island man and he sees the life of others as lifeless.

He lives within his territories of knowledge,skills and abilities,whether sufficient or not.

He goes by the adage ”each one for himself,God for us all”

In storm or shine he still thinks he has the whole world to carry all by himself.

He gnashes his teeth in rainy days and winks to his mirror image on sunny days.

He dies a miserable death on the day he is choked by his own swallowed tooth.

Never be an Island man.Help others and seek others’ help and make the world a social setting.

You dont want to know how Selene Larbie helped brought Jeffery Blay Splasher into blogging.They both are’nt Island men.