Time they say is money, but is that all?Can’t time be a growing business,a flourishing church,a chattered accountant,a hit music star and more?

I’ ll take you through 2 consice ways of utilising the opportunities that time presents to life.I am sure you will vow not to sleep anymore after knowing these.

To turn time into your dreams,go by the principles below and others which you deem personally fit for your dreams.


How young is young?Even if you realise it at age 70,you believe you will live to reap it and so I say ”you are young”.


As soon as you know what you want, go get it! There is no time to waste .

I know a young boy, 8 years old who invested his life savings- $100 in treasury bills.Guess what! When he was 18 years old,he was worth $70000000. You are still counting the zeros right? Remmenber! There is no time to waste.

It’s never too late. Go get it NOW !!


There are two categories of determined people.The focused and the roughrider.

The focused looks straight to a specific target.The rough rider says ”any target goes at the end”.

The focused plans to be a an accountant.the roughrider says ”I will grab anything which is business related”.

The stable mind works towards his specific goals and the vibrating mind works just in case an opportunity may pop up.

The one who knows what he wants can easily point at it and get it.What then happens to the one who wants everything.Can you be given it all? You may even end up with none.

Who are you?A focused man or roughrider.

Be the best and earn the best.


The Island man is the man who deems himself self sufficient.

He always thinks others cannot be of any substantial aid to him.

Life is the best friend of the Island man and he sees the life of others as lifeless.

He lives within his territories of knowledge,skills and abilities,whether sufficient or not.

He goes by the adage ”each one for himself,God for us all”

In storm or shine he still thinks he has the whole world to carry all by himself.

He gnashes his teeth in rainy days and winks to his mirror image on sunny days.

He dies a miserable death on the day he is choked by his own swallowed tooth.

Never be an Island man.Help others and seek others’ help and make the world a social setting.

You dont want to know how Selene Larbie helped brought Jeffery Blay Splasher into blogging.They both are’nt Island men.


Fate does not determine whom you become but it only determines when you become whom you become.

What your mind is set for and you  work hard for is what you become.

When you become it, is a question of fate.But the earlier you work hard,the better.

A  man graduates from the university at 20 and struggles to find a job.He only finds one at age 25.

Another graduates at 25 and finds a job immediately.

But that is not how it is always.Keep on keeping on and your star will  surely surface.


Success is not achieved by striving to get riches but rather striving to do what you do best.

It’s not about the weaver getting more sales.But i’ts about the weaver weaving at its best.

It’s not about the singer playing more shows buts its about singing her heart out.

It’s not about the student passing exams but rather applying what he has studied and understood.

it’s not about the pastor gettiing more members but its about preaching the real gospel.

It’s not about the blogger getting more views, but its about writing out of passion and facts.

Let’s do what we do best and the world will find meaning in our dealings.